Robocop (2014) and Operation Freedom Tehran

There is a weeRobocop_2014_poster_003 contradiction—most probably an error in theory—in the 2014 reanimation of Robocop that reverses the whole hero-villain dynamic of the film. At the onset, we are shown an American army of robots “securing” the streets in “Operation Freedom Tehran”. Then a group of Iranian suicide bombers attack the robots and make sure the cameras capture them in the act. This, in turn, wreaks havoc on Omnicorp’s plan to put the same brand of robots on American streets. But wait! Let us rewind for a moment and go over Hollywood indefatigable motif of hero-villain in this film: The Villains? Well it’s a no-brainer: The Iranian terrorists, Omnicorp, Detroit’s corrupt Chief of Police and the brainless robots. The hero? Robocop! Did you pick it up? (Continue reading on Tehran Review)

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