Democrats Might Need to Lose This Election, and That’s Not a Bad Thing.

wikileaks-dncleaks-faqEpisode 1:
After the DNC email hacks and us watching in shock and disbelief how Debbie W. Schultz
and her cronies went out of their way to sabotage a Sanders candidacy, the popular support that Sanders put together is in complete disarray.Some of them have moved to the green camp, some are supporting Hillary, and some are voting for Trump. Two days after Wasselman Schultz, the former chairman of the DNC, was forced to stepped down and was replaced by Donna Brazil, the HRC campaign hired Schultz as a “consultant”.  Shameless?…I know!

Episode 2:
Julin Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, gave an interview a few weeks ago, wherein he alleged that Wikileaks has “damning” evidence against HRC pertaining to the email scandal–her personal emails, that is. He promised that more releases by Wikileaks are coming.

Episode 3:
After having endorsed HRC, Bernie Sanders has turned into a declawed lion. For God’s sake, take a look at his attenuated tweets that are full of vague references to current news and platitudes about our children and our planet. Anyhow, with regard to his withdrawal from the race, Ralph Nader and Chris Hedges both decried it as a squandering of the golden opportunity for a Washington shakedown by we the people.

Episode 4:
Jill Stein will make an amazing president, but let’s face it: She is polling at 4%. She is not allowed on the debate stage unless she reaches 15%. It is safe to say that this time around, she does not stand a chance. This, however, does not mean that she should not remain in the race. She needs the publicity for next time around.

My two cents:
bankruptmemeAll this leaves American voters with a very agonizing choice: either vote for a loose canon, a bigot, and a narcissist who has ran several businesses (including a casino!!!) into the ground and defrauded many in the process, a man whom I call the Ahmadinejad of America, or vote for the Thatcher of America: a secretive, hawkish, atom-heart politician, who has a knack for toppling governments overseas and leaving countires in complete chaos, a former secretary of state who sold access to her office and the White House, by taking donations from all sorts of corporate criminals and third-world dictators. Both presidencies will be equally painful.

But what if we look at the long run? If Hillary wins, nothing will change. Democrats will probably score another win in 2024 (or perhaps Republicans) and it will be business as usual. But, if Trump wins, the DNC will have face the consequences of their actions. They would have understood that lying to the people and blocking democratic processes will not go unpunished in the age of the internet. Clinton puts her arm around Kissinger after he presented her with a Distinguished Leadership Award from the Atlantic Council in WashingtonThey will realize that they need a complete overhaul of their way of handling the business of politics. Then, and only then, will people like Ralph Nader, Jill Stein, or Bernie Sanders will have a shot at this. The democrats need to lose this election to learn their lesson. I am afraid, at this point, this  seems to be the only way.

One thought on “Democrats Might Need to Lose This Election, and That’s Not a Bad Thing.

  1. I’m sorry. Risking not just WW3 but a host of trade wars, and rewarding a proto-fascist bully for being one by making him President, is a cruel and unusual punishment for the Democrats having fallen back on the seniority system for nominating. Grabbing the nearest shiny object, as the GOP did, is still worse. Trump must be stopped.

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